SSCSSC Paragraph

Paragraph on International Trade Fair


Various fairs or exhibitions are organized from time to time by different government or other business institutions at different places. Trade fair is becoming very important every year in Pragati Maidan in the country’s capital. It is not only in the country but also in foreign countries, due to which people are involved in this incident in every corner of the country and abroad. Almost all major companies around the world look forward to the opportunity to market their product every year. This trade fair usually begins on November 14 and ends on the twenty-seventh date. This trade fair has become a symbol of pride for the country. Companies start their preparations a week before the fair begins. The likelihood of millions of visitors and customers coming together every day is the same. All the states of the state got blessings of progress in the fair. Apart from the regional peaks, in the field of military, technology and communication, samples of progress of the country were shown very attractive. Of course, there cannot be a second chance to see the live picture of the country’s development. Apart from this, we saw the stalls of all the major companies in which they were keeping their products for sale and sales. Almost all the stalls were packed with the crowd, some people appreciated seeing new products, watching them, and doing some shopping at the same time. Apart from Reebok, Nike, Motorola, Phillips, Nokia and other foreign companies, we saw major companies made in the country and home. There were many mediums of food and entertainment; foreign dishes were also available with all the dishes in the country. We were so tired in the evening as the mind was doing it and enjoying and enjoying the fair, but the fatigue was getting adequate. This fair was a treasure of information and entertainment. It is undoubtedly mandatory for such incidents which not only reflect the progress of our country but also set new dimensions of progress. These fairs showcase new ways of production and techniques, to which consumers, traders and companies get all the benefits. The participation of foreign companies in the International Trade Fair gives us information about the innovation movements of the world trade world. Taking advantage of this opportunity, experts and businessmen of India can also assess India’s position.

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