JSC Paragraph📖Class VIII

Paragraph: Our National Flag

The national flag is a symbol of independence to a nation. Every country has a national flag of its own. Like all other countries, we have a national flag. Our national flag is the symbol of our independence and sovereignty. It may be of different sizes but its length and breadth must be a fixed ratio of 10:6 usually. It is rectangular in shape. It may be made of cotton, linen, polyester, nylon, or silk. The background of the flag is deep green in color with a sun globe in the center. The deep green color means the everlasting freshness, youth, vigor, and vitality of our nation. The sun is the source of all lives on earth. Hence the sun globe signifies that our nation is continuous and everlasting as life glory. It also stands for the bright future of our nation. The blood-red color of the sun globe is a memorial for the endless sacrifice of our nation in the glorious liberation war. A flag bears the identity of a nation. A nations’ dignity largely depends on it. The flag is hoisted every day on top of our important government buildings and educational institutions. It is hoisted everywhere on the occasions of the Independence Day and the victory day. The national flag is kept half-mast on the occasions of national mourning days. So it is our duty to uphold the honor of our national flag and pay homage to it. We are determined to hold the prestige of the national flag up. Our national’ flag always inspires us to dedicate our lives for the greater interest of the country. We can uphold its honor by doing our duties to the nation.