HSCHSC Paragraph

Paragraph : Price Hike

Today price hike is a common phenomenon in our country. Price hike means the rise in the prices of the daily necessaries. Then the price of essential commodities increases by leaps and bounds.Price hike is caused by short supply of commodities and inflation. The price hike that results from short supply of commodities, is purely temporary. The prices come down if and when their supply is enhanced. But the price hike caused by inflation, cannot be controlled by easy efforts. A group of greedy businessmen are mainly responsible for this unwanted situation. these businessmen hoard essential commodities with  the aim to gain more profit at the cost of unbounded suffering of the general masses. Whatever may be the cause, price hike causes a lot of hardship and sufferings to people. The fixed income group of people are severely affected by it, because they have to maintain their families with their low and fixed income. It is very difficult for them to meet the excessive load. Usually, they have to buy less or inferior quality items. They find it difficult to make their both ends meet. They have to go without many things that are necessary to lead a normal life. The poorer sections of the people are the worst sufferer. Price hike leads to the widespread corruption and moral degradation. If price rise continues at this prevailing degree, the people of our country may face starvation on a larger scale. Necessary actions and proper measures should be taken to control price hike. Hoarding should be controlled. Smuggling and black- marketing are to be eradicated. Adequate supply of essential commodities is to be ensured. No individual, community, organization not even the government is capable of solving the problem single-handed. Therefore, we all should come forward to do something so that the prices of our essential things can be kept under control.