JSC Paragraph📖Class VIII

Paragraph: Road Accident I Have witnessed


At present road accidents are regular happenings in all over the world. It is increasing day by day. Thousands of people die every year due to street accident. Most of the road accidents take place in the urban areas and in the highways. It is taken place by buses, trucks, rickshaws, baby-taxies etc. The causes of street accidents are reckless driving, brake failures of vehicles, over-taking of one vehicle by another, driving by unskilled drivers. Over loading of vehicles is another reason for accidents.  Some days ago, a tragic accident took place just before my eyes at Dhanmondi . I was walking along the pavement. I noticed that a truck was coming at a high speed. All of a sudden I saw a teen-aged boy crossing the road. He was-very careless and did not notice at all that a truck was coming with such a breakneck speed. The truck driver tried his best to stop his truck but by the time the boy was knocked down. A crowd rushed to the spot. I ran to the boy and saw that he was senseless. There was blood flowing on the street. I took the wounded boy into a car and told the driver to proceed to the nearest Health Complex. There the doctors and nurses took every care of him. But it is a matter of great regret that he died there. I could not bear to watch the sight. I came back home with a heavy heart.

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