JSC Paragraph📖Class VIII

Paragraph : Tea


Paragraph : Tea , 100 Words

We take tea as a hot drink. People get it from tea plants. It grows well in the hilly areas. Tea requires heavy rainfall. There are many tea gardens in Sylhet and Chittagong hill track. It is a popular drink. We take it as a tiffin. Many people like tea. It refreshes our mind and body. But over drinking tea is harmful to our health and mind. Tea kills our hunger. Tea is called a cash crop of our country. We earn a lot of foreign exchange by exporting tea. So government should take the necessary steps to grow more tea in the future.

Paragraph : Tea , 150 Words

Tea is the most popular drink nowadays. It is prepared from tea leaves. The tea plant is an evergreen shrub. It has green leaves on it all year round. It grows mainly in China, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, and Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, there are tea gardens in the hilly parts of Sylhet and Chittagong. It is grown on the sloping ground so that rainwater may not stand. Tea plants are planted in rows from four to six feet. The tea leaves are plucked three times a year. After plucking the green leaves are spread out in shallow baskets or mats. When they are dried, they are rolled over with machines. Powder tea is put into boiling water. Then the liquid tea is poured into a cup. Then sugar and milk are mixed with it. Tea stalls have been set up in the villages and towns based on the habit of drinking tea. Tea is a refreshing drink. It refreshes us and removes our fatigue.

Paragraph : Tea , 300 Words

Tea is the most popular drink in the world. It grows on the slopes of hills. Tea cultivation requires a lot of rainfall. However, it is important to ensure that rainwater does not stagnate at the base of the tea plants. This is why most tea gardens are found in hilly areas. Sylhet division has the largest number of tea gardens in Bangladesh. Some other countries like China, Indonesia and India are also famous for tea cultivation. Tea is very easy to make. First boil the required amount of water in a pot. Then throw the crushed tea leaves in that water. Immediately the water will turn red. This is called liqueur. Pour this liqueur into a cup and mix sugar and milk in it. Yes, a cup of tea is made. Tea is a refreshing drink. It works well to relieve fatigue. Tea also has medicinal properties. It is an effective anti-oxidant, which protects against complex diseases like cancer. Physicians say that four cups of tea a day can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease. Tea also helps the economy. Tea producing countries earn a lot of foreign exchange by exporting tea every year. It also plays a role in reducing unemployment. Many workers are employed in tea gardens and tea processing factories. Thus, many jobs are being created in the tea business. Therefore, the tea industry is contributing to the reduction of poverty and unemployment. Especially in Bangladesh and India, the main serving of hospitality is a cup of tea. It has become part of our long tradition. People who are accustomed to drinking tea usually do not take harmful drugs. With these considerations, it is beneficial to increase tea production and consumption. However, drinking too much tea is not good. Because it can cause loss of appetite and insomnia.

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