SSCSSC Paragraph

Paragraph : A Winter Morning

A winter morning

Winter comes at the end of the year. It comes often in November and December. These two months remain cold. The weather becomes extremely cold everywhere. People often sit beside the fireplace to make themselves warm. People can’t go out normally and can’t work properly. They can’t involve in outdoor activities properly. Sometimes it rains in the morning. In the morning, people eat sweet foods. Winter is the favorite season of so many people because of the sweet foods. I like to taste sweet foods in the winter. I can’t resist tasting the sweet foods. Some of the foods are my favorite. Besides I like date juice. It’s also my favorite. On a winter morning, I woke up early to see the morning nature. I went out to have a walk in the nature. When I have got out of the home, it was shivering cold. I couldn’t see anything for extreme Fogg. The foggy environment made it hard to see anything and walk for me. I have touched the leaves of the trees on which I have seen dew drops. Birds were chirping. The grass was greener. The morning scene is so beautiful and enjoyable. I sat in the nature and saw the beautiful nature with my own eyes. People were going to the office wearing coats, socks, and sweaters. They were feeling cold. It’s hard to continue in the winter without clothes made with wool. But the morning is full of life everywhere. I have enjoyed sitting by the fireplace. The sky was like so cloudy. I couldn’t see the sun even. I love winter more than the summer. I like nature and the change it brings to nature in this season. It’s one of my favorite seasons. The morning brings joy to us in the morning. A winter morning is comfortable and people enjoy it a lot. A winter morning is enjoyable for everyone. I like the winter morning.


There are six seasons in our country. Winter is one of them. It is the season of mist and cold. So, a winter morning is misty and cold. There is dense fog everywhere. Everything looks hazy. Things at a distance can hardly be seen. The tall trees are covered with fog and they cannot be made out. It dews at night. When the morning sun peeps the dew-drops look like glittering diamond on grass and plants, in this season, the poor people suffer a lot because they do not have warm clothes to put on. The condition of birds and animal’s beggar’s description. They feel happy to see the rays of the sun. Sweet date juice is available in this season. People like to drink the juice. The scene of the winter morning gradually changes as the day advances. The sun goes up and fog disappears. Then people go to their respective works. There is dense fog everywhere in the winter morning and the weather is cold and misty. The sun can’t appear at just time because of fog. Everything looks gloomy and things at a little distance can hardly be found. Dew drops make the nature charming when the rays of the morning sun fall on them the children and the ‘people of the village make a fire to warm themselves. Some people like to bask in the sun. A winter morning is welcomed for its delicious cakes, date juice, and many other things. The scene of the winter morning vanishes as the day advances. The sun goes up and the fog melts. A winter morning is enjoyable in many respects.