SSCSSC Paragraph

Sound Pollution

Like air and water pollution, noise pollution is a serious hazard to the environment. Noise pollution often starts at our own homes. Loud music on the roads, loud crackers, and other similar activities can be harmful to the environment. It is equally harmful to humans and animals – may be pets or street animals. The high levels of undesirable sound in the earth are the reason for noise pollution. It causes a ton of health issue to people, animals, and plants too. To forestall this, we have to know the different reasons of sound pollution. The sound pollution is the consequence of worldwide urbanization and industrialization. The urbanization acquires progressively rush and traffic the city and a vast crowd of people. It increases vehicles and their sounds, causing sound pollution at a considerable level. The Industrialization presents numerous new inventions in the market. Every one of them contains substantial and noisy machines. These machines make noise pollution for a long time. The impact of noise pollution through these machines covers a vast region around the industries and influences countless population. The noise of military airplane which flies at a low elevation has likewise extensively added sound pollution to nature. Even though they make sound pollution for an extremely brief time frame, the harm made by them keeps going longer than others. Additionally, the pollution of heavy vehicles like buses, trains, trucks, and planes put the equivalent unfriendly impact on us. The crackers on celebrations, parties, and different festivals are a significant source of sound pollution. The sound of loud music, the generator, and some loud machines like a vacuum cleaner, the blender is additionally the source of sound pollution. We have to consider them as well as stop them for the betterment of our health. It affects every age of people, especially kids, old age people, people with heart problems. A noise-free environment will be a great environment and atmosphere for everybody to live in.


Sound pollution means producing an acute sound that breaks the peace of an environment and causes harm sq he people living there. When a sound exceeds the tolerance limit te 45 decibels, it is no longer considered sound This sound then becomes noise. In fact, these types of noise produce sound pollution. Sound pollution s serious in towns and cities. It is acute in industrial areas. There are thousands of motor vehicles using producing various sounds. These sounds are unbearable for our normal hearing ability. We are exposed to whistles and the sound of buses, trucks, cars, etc, In the industrial areas people are exposed to grinding sounds very and the mills and factories. Besides, indiscriminate use of loudspeakers, use of the hydraulic home, use of mikes the public meetings are the sound polluters on large scale. Anyway, sound pollution is seriously harmful to human health. Excessive noise may lead to deafness and to increase high pressure. Sound pollution is even dangerous for the normal growth of children. So this hazard should be regulated in a proper way. The authorities must strictly ban the movement of any unfit vehicles. Besides, the use of hydraulic home should be banned. Then mills and factories should be shifted to a particular industrial area. Moreover, authorities should raise massive awareness among the people so that they do not produce or tolerate any source of sound pollution.


Sound pollution is very acute in industrial towns and cities, When the tolerance limit of sound exceeds 45 decibels, it is known as sound pollution. Sound pollution is very harmful to health. The Increasing use of machines in everyday life is the primary source of sound pollution. Thousands of buses, trucks, cars, etc. create intolerable noise to our ears. Mills and factories are exposed to city people. Besides. Indiscriminate use of loudspeakers, use of hydraulic horns by the motorists, the mike used at meetings, etc. make sound pollution. Excessive noise may lead to deafness and an increase in high pressure. Thus, sound pollution can do Irreversible damage to human health and to the well being of a man. To minimize sound pollution unf vehicles should be banned. Again, the use of hydraulic horns in vehicles can be banned. Mills and factories can be shifted in residential areas. However, proper legislation and public co-operation should be sought to minimize noise pollution.