JSC Story📖Class VIII

Story: A Fox Without a Tail / An evil trick of a fox goes in vain

A Fox Without a Tail / An evil trick of a fox goes in vain.

Once there was a fox in a jungle who was very clever. One day, when the fox was walking through the jungle, he suddenly fell into a trap. The fox tried hard to get out of the trap. Finally, He could somehow get out of the trap, but he had to leave his long tail behind. Without having a tail, the fox looked quite strange. So, he and he felt very sad. But the fox was very cunning and then he hit upon a plan. He invited all the foxes of the jungle to come to a meeting. All the foxes of the jungle attended the meeting.

The fox felt important when he saw the foxes in his meeting. Then the fox said, “Dear all friends, please listen to me carefully. I’ve discovered something new, the tails of ours are quite useless. They look ugly and are always dirty. So, we should better cut off our tails.” All the foxes listened to the cunning fox. An old fox who was wise was also listening. After listening the plan, he said, “Dear friend, your plan is very interesting but very foolish too. As you’ve lost your own tail, you want us to cut off our tails too.” At this, the fox without a tail felt ashamed and left the place quickly.