Story : Devotion to mother

Devotion to mother completing story:

Bayazid Bostami was a great saint. In his childhood he was a very obedient boy. He was especially obedient to his mother. Once Bayazid was reading on his table. it was dead at night. The surrounding atmosphere had the pin-drop silence of profound sleep. His mother was also in deep sleep. Besides, she was ill. Suddenly his ailing mother got up from sleep and asked Bayazid to give her a glass of water. Bayazid at once went to the pitcher . But unfortunately there was not a drop of water in it. There was no source of water nearby. So, Bayazid went to a distant fountain with the pitcher and brought water for his mother.

But by that time he got back home, his mother was asleep again. Bayazid thought that he should not, disturb his mother’s sleep. So, he stood still beside his mother’s bed with a glass of water in-his hand. Thus the rest of the night passed by. But his mother did not wake up. He did not go to bed thinking that his mother might get up from sleep anytime. If she did not find him ready with drinking water, she might be shocked. However, in the morning his mother woke up. She was surprised seeing Bayazid standing with a glass of water, beside her bed. But so could remember every thing. Her heart was filled with a unique love for Bayazid. she embraced her son and prayed for him from the core of her heart.



Devotion to mother

Bayazid Bostami was a small boy. His mother was ill. One night the entire village was in deep sleep. He was studying by the side of the bed of his ailing mother. But all on a sudden, his mother woke upraised her head and told her son to give her a glass of water. Bayazid went to the kitchen to bring water but he found no water there. He looked for water everywhere in the house. He was so much devoted to his mother and loved her very dearly. He felt great pity for his thirsty mother. As a result, he went to a distant fountain to fetch water. But the nearby water hole was far away from the home. He took the pitcher and started walking to the water hole.  Reaching to the hole he filled the pitcher and returned home as early as possible. He came back with water and found his mother asleep. He did not wake her. He thought awakening his mother may sour up her illness. Holding a glass of water in a hand, he is still beside his mother’s bed. He was waiting for his mother’s waking. But she was sound asleep.

When it was dawn Bayazid’s mother woke up and instantly discovered her son standing beside her bed with a glass of water in hand. At first, she could not understand anything. She wondered for a moment. Then she could realize the fact. She could not control her tears. She embraced her son with deep love and blessed him from the core of her heart. The mother impressed with his son’s devotion to her and blessed him from the core of her heart. Then she remembered and embraced her son with deep love. She earnestly prayed to Allah to bless her son with the highest honor in spiritual life. Allah granted her prayer and Bayazid became a great saint in his later life.