Story : Dress Does Not Make a Man Great


Sheikh Saadi and His Dress / Dress Does Not Make a Man Great / The Value of Attire

Sheikh Saadi was a great poet. He used to put on simple dress. Once the king of Iran invited him to his place. The palace of the king was too far away from his home. So, he started for the king’s palace a day ago. On the way, when it was about to dark, he took shelter in the house of a nobleman. The nobleman could not recognize him and treated him as an ordinary man. At that time he was simple in his dress. He did not disclose his real identity. The nobleman and his servants did not show much honour and hospitality to him for his ordinary dress. They entertained him with very poor food.

In the morning the poet left the rich man’s house. He reached the king’s palace. The king showed much honour to him and gifted some beautiful dresses.

A few days later, on his way back home he took shelter again in the same house. This time he was in gorgeous dress offered by the king. The nobleman received him very cordially and entertained him with rich and delicious food. Saadi began to put the food in his pocket. The house owner became surprised and asked the poet about his mysterious behaviour.   The poet replied that his dress deserved the food as he had been treated in very poor way from this house a few days ago. The nobleman could realize his fault and got ashamed for his mistreat. He also begged pardon to the poet.

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