Story: King Solomon – A Wise Judge

One day King Solomon, the wise judge was in his court. At that time two women entered into the court with a baby. Both of the women claimed the baby of their own. They demanded fair judgment to king Solomon. The king puzzled for some time for what to do though he was reputed for his wisdom and fair judgment. He thought for a while. Suddenly, he ordered one of his men to cut the baby into two equal parts and give one part to each of the women.
The king noticed one woman turned into pale hearing his discussion. She burst into tears and said,” Please my lord, don’t kill the baby. I don’t want my share. Allow the baby to live with her.” On the other hand, the other woman was silent. She promptly said, “Yes, my lord, please give the baby to me. I am its mother.”
The wise judge understood who the real mother was. A real mother never keeps silent at the time of any danger of her baby. He returned the baby to the first woman who was the real mother and sent the 2nd woman to the prison as punishment.
Moral of the story: Truth comes to the light at last. Nothing can hide the truth.