JSC Story📖Class VIII

Story on Industry Brings Happiness

Once there lived an old farmer. He had two sons. They were in the habit of leading an idle life. They would never do any. work. The farmer did not know how to make them work. He thought and thought and on his death bed, he hit upon a plan. He called his two sons to his bedside and said, “My sons. go to wonderlands, I’m old and sick. I may die any, time You’ll find my treasures hidden in my lands.” The sons thought that there were golds under the soil of their lands. So the next day they started digging the soil of their fields. But they did not. find any gold. They dug and dug but failed to get anything. At last, being annoyed they stopped digging. But they did not mistake sowing seeds in the field. The next harvest they got plenty of crops. This time the old man said, “See my sons, here is my treasure in the field.” Since then the idle boys gave up idleness and started to work hard in the field.


A farmer had two sons. Both of them were rogue to the backbone. They did nothing but idle away their time the farmer became very anxious about the future of his own sons. One day he hit upon a plan and called his sons to his bed and told them that he was going to die soon. He added that there was a hidden treasure in the field he kept for them. The two sons asked the farmer what the hidden treasure was and how they could get that. The farmer replied that if they dug the field, they must get the treasure. A few days later the farmer died. Now the two sons were at a loss what to do. Then they remember their father’s advice. Remembering the advice, they started to dig the field. The field was then dug up properly. They sowed seeds. And after two months they found golden crops. Now they are very happy to see the bumper crops and thought that industry is the key to success.


Once upon a time, there lived an old farmer. The farmer had three sons. The sons were idle. One day the farmer was on the point of death. He called his sons and said that he was departing from the world. But he had buried all that he had in the vineyard. When the farmer died, the sons came to the vineyard with spades. They turned over the soil of the vineyard. But they found no treasure. They thought that their father had deceived them. The ground was thoroughly cultivated. The vines yielded plenty of grapes that year. Then the sons realized what treasure their father had buried for them. They lastly understood that labor brings good luck.


One opens a time there lived a farmer in a village. He was very old and weak. The farmer had three sons. They were very lazy. So they did not do any work. One day the farmer called his three sons to bed and said to them, “Do you know I am rich?” At this, “they become very wonder and they wanted to know where your riches is?” Then the farmer relied on that I have hidden all my riches in the field. So you can also be rich.

After someday later, the old farmer died. For this reason, the three sons become very shocked. After the death of their father, they went to their fields and started to dig the soil. They dug all the fields but they did not get any kind of riches.

Being very angry, they threw some seeds into their fields. They got bumper crops that year. Getting good cross, they became very pleased and started to working giving up laziness, at last, they could understand their father’s words.

Moral: Industry is the mother of good luck