JSC Story📖Class VIII

Story on King Solomon and Queen of Sheba

King Solomon was the wisest man of all times. He was called ‘Solomon, the wise’. One of his contemporaries was the Queen of Sheba. She heard Solomon’s name many times for his outstanding knowledge. She was very inquisitive to test his wit. One day, the queen invited the king to her palace. Solomon accepted her invitation.
The king came to her palace in due time.

The queen welcomed him majestically. The queen kept two bouquests on a table in the room where the king sat. But the door and the windows of the room were closed. One of the garlands was artificial. But the garlands looked quite alike. The king realised that the queen might test his wit. He heard some bees humming on the garland of real flowers. The Queen of Sheba was charmed by his wisdom.


Once upon a time there was a wise king named Solomon. He was the king of the Jews. He was world famous for his wealth and wisdom. Every day many people came to him and asked him about various matters. He used to answer all the questions of people correctly. Everyone was satisfied with his answers. And so people called him the wise king. One day the Queen of Sheba heard his name and became very curious about his wisdom. She wanted to test the wisdom of King Solomon. And that’s why she invited him to her palace one day. The king thanked the queen for her invitation and accepted her invitation. However, one day he appeared at the queen’s court.

On his arrival the queen welcomed him warmly and kept two garlands in front of him to test his wisdom. Between the two garlands, one was a real garland and the other was an artificial garland. Then the queen asked the king to select the real garland. King Solomon ordered all the doors and windows of the palace to be opened in order to select the real garland. In no time the bees entered the room through the windows and doors and sat on the real garland. And this helped the king to identify the real garland. King Solomon easily selected the real garland and gave it to the queen. At the Queen of Sheba was very pleased with the wisdom of King Solomon and admired his wisdom.