Story : The Farmer and The Nobleman

The Farmer and The Nobleman

One day a farmer was taking some sacks of wheat to a mill. The mile was a few kilometers away. On the way, the horse stumbled and one of the sacks fell to the ground. It was too heavy for the farmer to lift and there was nobody around to help him. He became upset. Meanwhile, he saw a horseman coming towards him. His heart jumped. As the rider was coming nearer, the farmer recognized him. He was the nobleman who lived in a grand house at the top of the hill. The farmer thought that it was not proper for him to seek help from the person of high rank.

So, he dared not approach the rider. The Poor man was at a complete loss. The nobleman was very generous. He was a gentleman. He stopped in front of the farmer and got down from the horse. He came forward to help the farmer willingly. Then he helped the farmer to lift the heavy sack up and set it on the horseback. The farmer became grateful to the horseman. But the horseman replied that he just had done as a humanitarian duty and responsibility. He suggested that every man should come forward with a helping hand in other’s distress. This is nothing but the reflection of a nobleman.

Moral of the story: ‘Everyone should do something in the danger of others.’