Story: The Lion and the Lamb

On a sunny day, a young lamb was grazing gladly at the foot of a small hill. At that time, he felt the necessity of drinking water. So, he began to look to and fro to find out water. At a little distance, he saw a stream. He went to the brook and was drinking water from the downstream. Meanwhile, he saw a lion drinking water from the upstream of the brook. The lion saw the lamb and wanted to devour him. The lion was thinking how he would materialized his plan. He hit upon a plan quickly. The lion accused the lamb that the lamb was disturbing him by muddying water. but the lamb tried  to refute the accusation by saying that he he was taking water from the downstream. So, the question of muddying water on his part did not arise. The lamb asserted that it was the lion which was muddying water for him as he was drinking water from upstream. Next the lion complained that he (lamb) might told ill oh him the one years later. But the lamb assured him (the lion) that he was not born one years ago then how could he tell ill of him. Then the lion retorted that perhaps his (Lamb) father was muddying water for him the previous year. Saying this, the ferocious lion fell upon the innocent lamb and killed him on the spot.