JSC Story📖Class VIII

Story: Two cats and monkey / Bread Dividing Story

Two cats and monkey / Bread Dividing Story
One day two cats stole a piece of bread from a kitchen and wanted to share it equally. But they could not find any way of dividing the bread equally rather they were about to start a quarrel.
Finding no suitable solution the two cats agreed to put their problem to a monkey who would be considered wiser than any other animals in the jungle. He was very clever too. He planned to have the bread. He brought a pair of scales. He tore the bread into two parts and put on the scales. But one side became heavier than other. So, the monkey tore a bit of the larger piece of the bread and ate the excess. Then he scaled again and it was found that smaller side became heavier that time. The monkey tore the bread repeatedly and continued eating the excess of the portion. And finally there kept a tiny piece of bread only.
The two cats understood the ugly intention of the monkey. They requested to stop dividing and gave back the rest of the bread. The monkey got furious and said “I have made huge efforts to divide your bread. So, this is the charge of my hard work.” In this way, the cats lost their bread for their foolishness.
Moral of the story:  Foolishness brings disaster.
Quarrel brings a great loss.
Quarrel makes the opportunity to access third party.

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