JSC Paragraph📖Class VIII

Street Beggar


Street Beggar

A street beggar is a very poor person who has to beg for his livelihood. He is to lead very simple life. He wears dirty and fade dresses. He goes door to door for begging. He wakes up from his sleep at down. He can’t get enough food for his feeding. He has to eat a very little food. This foods may be like a garbage. Sometimes, If he can get enough from begging then he remain hungry for 1 or 2 or many days. He always try to show his acting for begging. In his acting he shows that he is more ill and more sick than he real. If his acting is perfect then he will paid more then he generally gets. He always suffer from malnutrition and always suffer form many kind of illness. Bet he don’t get any correct treatment for his illness. He suffers more and more in the rainy and winter season. In this period he can’t go out for begging or if he goes then he will pay more for this. They suffer greatly in his time. They become curse for the nation. Any organizations and governments are not come ahead for helping them. They always deprive from their right. So, we should come forward to help them. If we can help them and develop them then they will become asset for the nation. So, everybody should take immediate project for them.

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