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Street Children


Street Children

Those who live in the street and have no definite place to live in are called street children. Their condition is very pathetic. They roam here and there on the streets, eat the leftover food from the roadside dustbins and sleep on footpaths or stations. Some of them earn their livelihood working as a porter. Some live by begging, some by serving as a servant in the houses of aristocrats, some by stealing things from shops and houses, and some by selling flowers. Some of them collect pieces of paper, old plastic things, torn shoes, etc. They do these jobs mainly for living. It is an irony of fate that these children are deprived of their basic rights such as food, shelter, clothing and education. They are very helpless. They suffer from malnutrition and get attacked with various diseases at their early age. When they grow up, they get themselves involved into illegal activities such as pocket picking and snatching. These street children have no family identity. Their parents have left them on the streets either because they have illegal birth or because their parents have got married twice or thrice. Finding no other alternative, they take shelter on the streets. These street children never think of going to school. Even they cannot have a square meal everyday let alone medical treatment. They are completely deprived of the basic needs of life. However, the government along with all conscious people should come forward to upgrade their status so that they can live as human beings and enjoy their basic rights.

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