HSCHSC Paragraph

Students’ Politics

Students’ Politics

(a) What is students’ politics?

(b) What were the aims of students’ politics in the past?

(c) What are the present aims of students’ politics?

(d) What are the demerits of students’ politics?

(e) Do you think that should it be banned?

When a student involves himself in any political party and takes part in political acts is called students’ politics. Today it has spread most of the educational institutions of Bangladesh. Students’ organizations of our country have long and glorious history. The students played important role in anti-British movement, in our language movement and liberation war. At that time, the main objectives of students politics were to protect interest of the general students and to protest against repression, oppression injustice etc. They raised their voice against brutality. Unfortunately, such characters of our students’ organizations have been changed a lot. Most of the offences in our society are being committed, directly or indirectly, by so-called students who are involved in nasty politics. The present aims of students’ politics are personal interest, supremacy extension and grabbing power. Besides these, there are many other demerits of students’ politics. We must be kept in mind that the principal duty of students is to mind their lesson. Nevertheless, students’ politics hampers their study and creates disorders in their educational institutions. Actually, it is a great source of many socio-political crimes. However, I think that it should be banned at any cost. It has become a threat to the actual development of our students.