SSCSSC Paragraph

The Farmers of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. About 80% of her people are farmers. So, they constitute the largest portion of our population. They are mainly engaged in the task of cultivating lands and producing crops. The farmers usually gets up early in the morning, eat ‘panta’ and go to the fields to do their respective works. Ignoring every trouble, they work hard in the field from dawn to dusk. They generally grow paddy, jute, oil-seeds, pulses, sugarcane and some other crops. During the harvesting season their hearts dance with pleasure to see the golden crops in the fields.  In spite of working hard all day long, they lead a miserable life. Their life is really a sad tale of poverty and miseries. They pass their days in wants and miseries all the year round. They don’t get what they need. They often suffer from various diseases for want of proper treatment and medicine. The main reason of their poverty is that they are mostly illiterate. They don’t have any knowledge of scientific methods of cultivation. Often they don’t have money to buy good seeds, fertilizers, insecticides and other things related to cultivation. As a result, they can’t produce better crops to earn enough money. The Farmers keep our economy moving but they always remain in want. They lead their lives deprived of all modern amenities of life. So, the government as well as the rich people should feel for them and do something for the betterment if their lot.


Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. Agriculture is the base of its e4conomy. The man who cultivates land is called a farmer. Farmers grow crops which is the most important thing of basic needs. They are the backbone of our country. There are three classes of farmers in our country. The rich farmers the, middle class farmers and the landless farmers. Most of the farmers in our country include middle class with a small piece of land. Farmers of this class usually till land with their own bullocks and they hardly can grow much food as per their demand. The rich farmers are very few in numbers and they get a small share of crops with the land owners. The methods of farming in our country are much backdated. Majority of the farmers are poor and illiterate. They cannot afford to buy modern tools of cultivation. They plough their land with bullocks and use sickle to cut the grains. They also do not know how to cultivate land in the scientific method. This results unsatisfactory yield from the cultivated land. The life standard of the farmers in our country is very low and they are to suffer even from the lack of fundamental needs of life. They are ill-fated, ill-treated and deprived from the light of modern science. They work hard but do not get proper nutriment. As a result they suffer from various diseases. Their children do not receive good education and follow the path of their for-fathers. Some effective steps should be taken to improve the socio-economic conditions of our farmers. They should be taught the modern scientific method of cultivation. They should be given hybrid seeds, right kind of pesticides and balance dose of fertilizers so that they may grow more food. Justified price of the agricultural production should be ensured so that farmers may get right price. Irrigation facilities should be ensured and farmer should get loan on low interest.