Unseen : Interpol

4.Read the passage on Interpol. Complete the following table with information from the passage.

Interpol is the International Criminal police Organization. It comes from the two words “International” and “Police”. It stands for International Criminal Police Commission. It is a non-political, non-racial and non-religious organization. Almost all the countries of the world are the members of this organization. So, all the nations cooperate with one another to trace criminals around the world. Its headquarters is in Lyon. According to International law, the police of one country cannot enter the territory of another country to catch the criminals. In such situations Interpol helps to trace out the criminals. Every country has its representatives in Interpol. After the First World War, crime was increased considerably in Europe, especially in Austria. After committing crimes, the criminals used to go to some neighboring countries and hide themselves there. In order to arrest such criminals, Jhon Scober, the then Police Chief of Venna, called a meeting of the police officials of different countries in 1923. It was in this meeting that twenty countries jointly established Interpol. Its first head office was made in Vienna and John Scober became its President.

In 1938, Germany invaded Austria and caused end to Interpol. After the Second World War. Flaurent Lovagy, Inspector General of Belgium Police revived it. Lyon became its new headquarters. In 1956 Interpol was given a new constitution.

Details of Interpol(09)

Type of Organization Non-political, non-racial and non-religious
Purpose To arrest (i) ————–
Name of Event Person/ Organization Designation Place Year/ Time Contribution/


Called a meeting of the police officials (ii) ——– then Police Chief Vienna in 1923 (iii)———-
  Flaurent Lovagy Inspector General of Police (iv) —- after the Second World War revived Interpol
Given a new constitution Interpol     (v)———-  
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