4.Read the passage about the European explores. Complete the following table with information from the passage.

In 1912 an American shipping company launched a new ship called ‘TITANIC.’ It was the largest and most luxurious ocean liner of the time. It weighed 46,000 tons and could carry about 2,200 passengers. Experts said that nothing could make it sink. It was definitely unsinkable. On April 10,1912, the ship sailed on its first voyage across the Atlantic from Southampton in England to New York in the United States, with 2,224 passengers; men, women and children. On April 15, just before midnight, the ship struck an ice-berg. The ice-berg tore a great hole in the ship’s side and the unsinkable ‘TITANIC’ began to sink. The tragic sinking of this great liner will always be remembered, for she went down on her first voyage with heavy loss of life.There was a great alarm on board. Warning bells rang out. Everyone rushed to the life boats, but there was not enough room for them all. There was room for only 1,178 passengers. The life-boats took mostly the woman and children. It was a terrible scene.


  The Great Ship Titanic
Specialist Largest and most luxurious ocean liner of the time
First Journey From Southampton in England to (i) ———- in the United States
Who/What Event Place Time Result Reason
An American Shipping Company launched a ship   (ii) ——–    
Titanic (iii)———– across the Atlantic Ocean 1912    
Titanic faced an ice-berg Atlantic Ocean 1912 (iv)——— (v)———–

Extra Question

Who/What Situation Place Time
Titanic (i)————- Southampton (ii)————
The ship struck the ice-berg its first voyage (iii)———–
(iv)————– began to sink (v)———— On April15, 1912
  1. Write a summary of the above passage in your own words.