SSCSSC Paragraph

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is a widely discussed term in today’s society and talks about the upliftment of the female gender. There will always be a section of the society who will consider women inferior to men and thus oppose the movements to uplift them. However, liberals have raised the question that does women need to be empowered. According to them, women are already empowered; they are strong and equal to men, and what we need is to reform the society that makes them feel weak. First, it is a long term and revolutionary protest against discrimination based on sex and gender. Women empowerment refers to educating women and helping them build an identity of their own. In our patriarchal society, women are expected to mould themselves according to the wishes of the man who “feed them.” They are not allowed to have an individual opinion or an independent identity. Empowering women involves encouraging them to be financially, culturally, and socially independent. A woman must be entitled to pursue what she loves and develop into a fully functioning human. Her individuality must be nurtured and acknowledged. Women empowerment has lead millions of women across the globe to pursue their dreams. They are steadily moving forward in life with strong determination, respect, and faith. However, we must realize that despite the efforts being made to uplift women, most of them still suffer under patriarchy and suppression. Domestic violence is extremely common in countries like India. The society has always tried to curb the freedom of a woman because it is afraid of a woman who is strong and independent. We must recognize the ingrained misogyny in our society and work towards removing it. for example, we must teach both girls and boys to respect each other. Women fall victim to atrocities because men feel that they have the birthright to assert their power and authority over women. This can only be resolved by teaching boys from the very beginning that they are in no way superior to girls, and they have no right to touch a woman without her consent. The future is not a female. The future is equal and beautiful.


Empowerment of women indicates a process which helps women get the opportunity to join the workforce and contribute to the family income and influence the family and social affairs. That is women should be empowered to earn and take decision in the family and society, Majority of women in Bangladesh are confined within four walls. Many reasons work behind this. Patriarchal society, superstitions and religious dogmas are the top ones. The birth of a girls in poor family is most often unwelcoming. The poor parents usually think of not sending her to school. Before attaining physical or maturity, she is married off. In her in-law’s house, she is marginalized, and often tortured to death by her husband and in laws for dowry. But women are no less important than men. About half of our total population is women. keeping aloof a full half of its total population, no nation can make a real progress. So, women’s empowerment is a developing country like ours. Actually, women’s empowerment is impossible without their their economic freedom. For this, female education should be ensured first. Women as well as the whole society have to be conscious of women’s rights. The government along with people from all walks of life should come forward to co-operate wholeheartedly.