SSCSSC Application

Write a application to the Head Teacher for starting online classes

Date: 23/03/23


The Head Teacher

Faridpur Zilla School


Subject: Prayer for starting online classes.

Dear Sir,

Most respectfully I would like to inform you that I am Salman Ibne Hie, a student of class-(X) and I am going to sit for final Examination my first important examination of my life, in 2024. It is very unfortunate that Government has closed all the educational institution for unknown time for the spread of Noval corona virus or Covid-19 virus. We are in great problem for the lack of proper guidance at home during these locks-down condition we are unable to continue our studies smoothly for our preparation.

In this situation I on behalf of all the students would like to request you to arrange some classes through online mode connecting the students with the respected teachers. So, we will be highly obliged if you kindly grant our request as early as possible.

Thanking you!

Yours faithfully,

Salman Ibne Hie

On behalf of the Students of Faridpur Zilla School


Date: 23/03/24


The Principal,

J.P.B.S School, Dhaka,

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sub: Requesting to organize online class

Respected Sir,

I, Sohini Sen, am a student of class IX section B of your reputed institution. With due respect, I kindly request you to organize online classes due to the ongoing pandemic. We all are aware of the grim condition that we are going through. With the ongoing rise of the number of cases, all the students are quite afraid to come to school. In such a scenario, the ideal option for us would be to attend class but not by coming to school. Online classes are being held in many schools and students are benefiting themselves from those classes. We do not want to be deprived of our studies.

Hence, if we have the facility of online classes we can continue our studies in a safe and sound manner. I hope you would understand the urgency of the situation. I would be highly obliged if a decision is taken at the earliest regarding this letter. I have attached a letter with the signatures of the students who are in favor of online classes.

Yours Sincerely,

Sohini Sen

( Class IX, B)