JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

Write a dialogue between two friends about a football match

Write a dialogue between two friends about a football match.

Jony     : Assalamu alaikum, Rahat. How are you?

Rahat   : Waalaikum Assalaam. Alhamdulillah, I am fine. How about you?

Jony     : Alhamdulillah, I am also fine. I can give you a good news.

Rahat   : Would you mind giving me that news?

Jony     : Of course, the news is about an international soccer.

Rahat   : Please explain.

Jony     : Did you witness the 2021 World Cup Qualifying match between Brazil and Argentina?

Rahat   : Yes, I enjoyed that match. But I could not decide the players who played well.

Jony     : The good players from Brazil were Ronaldinho, Kaka and Robinho.

Rahat   : I think Messi and Veron were the two best players from Argentina.

Jony     : Yes, you are right!

Rahat   : But what made you feel the match most enjoyable?

Jony     : The dexterity of the players gave me joy and pleasure most.

Rahat   : Will you please tell me what makes a man to be a good player?

Jony     : Actually football is the most exciting game because the players must be the best runner.

Rahat   : What more qualities are needed for them?

Jony     : Players are to be fast runner, tactful, intelligent and moreover, they are to abide by the rules

and regulations of the games.

Rahat   : What happens if they disobey the rules?

Jony     : They are punished and on the other hand, they may enjoy any player.

Rahat   : It means that this game is also instructive for us.

Jony     : You are very right. But, will you please tell me the result of Brazil and Argentina football


Rahat   : Yes, Brazil won the match by 3-1 goals.

Jony     : Thank you.

Rahat   : You are welcome.