JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

Write a dialogue between two friends about deforestation

A Dialogue between Two Friends on Bad Effects of Deforestation

Abrar      : Hello Osmit, how are you?

Osmit     : I am fine and what about you? Why do you look so worried?

Abrar      : I am also fine. I am not worried at all. But I am thinking why many people of our

country are cutting trees indiscriminately. What is the reason behind this?

Osmit     : Oh, yes! Everyday many people are cutting trees on a large scale. They are doing so

mainly for fuel, furniture, etc.

Abrar      : Yes, but these people may not know the bad effects of deforestation. What is your

idea about deforestation?

Osmit     : You are right. However, I think deforestation is very harmful to us.

Abrar      : Yes, the importance of trees is too many to describe. Once there were a lot of trees in

our country, but people are destroying our forests day by day.

Osmit     : Yes, indeed! If we destroy trees at random, the temperature will rise and one day the

country will turn into a great desert.

Abrar      : You are right. Deforestation disturbs our ecological balance seriously in nature.

Osmit     : Absolutely. Due to deforestation, carbon dioxide, the main culprit of nature,

increases on a large scale in atmosphere and cause greenhouse effect.

Abrar      : You are correct. It is greenhouse effect for which global warming happens in the


Osmit     : Exactly! And as a result of global warming ice starts melting in the sea, which

ultimately increases the water level of sea.

Abrar      : Yes. This increase of sea water level is a great threat as it may submerge the coastal

areas of many places in the world including Bangladesh.

Osmit     : You are absolutely right. We have already experienced lots of natural disasters like

Tsunami, Ayla, Kohinur etc.

Abrar      : Yes, indeed. And in other places of the world, flood visits frequently. Thank you

very much for your excellent idea about deforestation.

Osmit    : You are most welcome. Good bye. See you again.