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Write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of wheel


There is a dialogue between me and my friend Shakat about the importance of wheel

Myself  : Hi! Shaikat. How are you?

Shaikat: I’m fine. Thanks. How are you?

Myself: I’m also fine. Thank you very much too. Shaikat you seemed very much worried. Would you please tell me what is the issue?

Shaikat: You are right. I am thinking about wheel. I have read from our English for Toady book that wheel in the most important invention in the history of human civilization.

Myself: You are absolutely right. What’s the problem then?

Shaikat: Would you please tell me the importance of wheel to me in details?

Myself: of course. Wheels can be used for transportation. For example, before the wheel was invented, people had to walk, carry very heavy things, and had to use a boat to get over seas. Now we have cars, bicycles, wagons, dollies and airplanes!

Shaikat: You are also right. Would you tell me more?

Myself: First of all, wheels can get you from place to place. The wheel started out as a simple invention. For example, dollies help humans carry very heavy things just by tilting them back on their wheels. Also, disabled people who can’t walk, rely on wheelchairs.

Shaikat: According to you we totally have to rely on wheel. Am I right?

Myself: We rely on wheels for transportation and carrying things. Without wheels e would be walking to our destination. Wheels are on cars and airplanes and a lot of other things. That’s why I think the wheel is the most important invention. Also, you can’t go one day without seeing a wheel.

Shaikat: Now, I have understand it clearly. Thank you so much for your some relevant information along with example.

Myself: It’s my pleasure. I always feel comfort to talk with you. Now, I have to leave. My mother is waiting for me. See you soon.

Shaikat: Same here. See you soon. Bye Bye

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