JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about observing the national days of Bangladesh

There is a dialogue between you and your friend about the Liberation War of Bangladesh.

Myself: How’re you, my friend?

My Friend: I am fine, thanks. And you?

Myself: I’m also fine.

My Friend: Today I would like to tell you about our great Liberation War.

Myself: Oh! It’s fine!

My Friend: We all know, 26 March in the Independence Day of Bangladesh. It is a red letter in our history.

Myself: What is the background of the day?

My Friend: The Pakistani rules oppressed then and exploited us in all possible ways. They did great injustice to us. They took Bangladesh as their colony. We demanded provincial autonomy. They paid no heed to our demand. We own in majority seats in the general election of 1970 under the leadership of Shaikh Mujibur Rahman. But the Pakistani riles did not hand over power. On the other hand, they made a conspiracy to crush Bangladesh.

Myself: What did then happen?

My Friend: Bangladesh declared our Independence on 26 March 1971. Now the war of our independence began. The war continued for 9 months. We lost many valuable lives. At last on 16 December 1971, we liberated our country. Since then 16 December is our Victory day and 26 March is our Independence Day.

Myself: What is the importance of the day?

My Friend: This day brings back to our mind the memories of those who laid down their lives for the sake of our independence.

Myself: How is the day observed?

My Friend: The day is observed in a befitting manner. A national programme is chalked out. All election and printing media highlight the day. Our National flag is hoisted on all government and non-government buildings. It is a public holiday. Different organization and political practices observe the day. The day’s programme includes seminars, cultural functions, distribution of sweets among the school children, placing of floral wreaths, procession, rallies, milad, prayers etc.

Myself: What else should we do on this day?

My Friend: On this day we remember with respect to the great sacrifices of the martyrs. We take an oath of dedication to the service of the country.

Myself: Thank you very much for talking about such an important topic.

My Friend: You’re most welcome.

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