SSCSSC Dialogue

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the advantages and disadvantages/ merits and demerits of village and city/ town life

There is a a dialogue between you and your friend about the advantages and disadvantages/ merits and demerits of village and city/ town life

Jamee    : Hello friend, how are you? How do you feel about living in a city?
Sindid     : Not bad at all.
Jamee    : Can you specify the reasons?
Sindid     : Why not? I am enjoying modern facilities.
Jamee    : What are the facilities you can enjoy?
Sindid     : Good accommodation, food, cloth, medical service, studying in a good school, rapid                                       communication, going to the various amusement centers, having knowledge of science and                         technology, and whatnot.
Jamee    : Well, do you feel secure there?
Sindid     : It’s true, there is less security in urban life.
Jamee    : What do you mean? I can understand nothing. Please let me know in detail.

Sindid     : Life in the city seems to me very artificial and and full of din and bustle. I am already sick of                          this city life.

Jamee   : Strange indeed! People are mad for the city but this sickens you! What is the trouble?

Sindid     : Is there any end of troubles? This noise, this crowd, this congestion, this dirt, this smoke, this                      foul smell and what not?

Jamee    : It means you prefer a dull, sluggish life among a set of illiterate people. There is no charm, no

entertainment, no cinema, no theatre, and not even a good road.

Sindid     : But you have forgotten to mention the bright sun shines over the green fields and the                                      streams, the smile of flowers in village. Though people are illiterate there, they are simple,                            innocent and sympathetic.

Jamee    : It is poet’s dream! Think of the rainy season — the knee deep mud, the frogs, the snakes, the                         howling of jackals at night.

Sindid     : But there is beauty of nature, peace and sacred happiness everywhere. People in villages wake                      up in the morning hearing the melodious songs of birds.

Jamee    : You must know that beauty does not help one in practical life. There are no doctor, no                                   hospital, no good school, college, and university in village.

Sindid     : But villages have changed a lot at the same time. In village you can have fresh food, milk, fish,                      and vegetables — all are pure and unadulterated.

Jamee    : Strange indeed! Okay, live in your village and leave me for the city.

Sindid     : Certainly! However, I would appreciate if you allow me visit your green and fresh village.

Jamee    : Can you enjoy natural beauties here?

Sindid     : No, we cannot do so.
Jamee    : Can you have an environment free from pollution?
Sindid     : No, the environment of our city is getting polluted.
Jamee    : And you are suffering from different complex diseases owing to environmental pollution.
Sindid     : Right you are.
Jamee    : Let us come back to the village. You can enjoy a safe and sound life here, again village air is                          pollution-free.
Sindid     : Yeah, we should do so. Thank you for your good suggestion.
Jamee    : Welcome.