SSCSSC Dialogue

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the cause and measures of Road Accidents.

There is a dialogue between you and your friend about the cause and measures of Road Accidents.

Hasan    : Hello Rafsan! How are you?
Rafsan   :I am fine. What about you?

Hasan    : I am not so good. One of my neighbors died last night at a tragic road accident near Savar.
Rafsan   : Really it is very sad that there is not a single day you will find without the news of tragic road accident.

Hasan    : You are right. To speak the truth, nowadays it has become a common incident in our country.
Rafsan   : Yes, it is really a matter of serious concern nowadays but our policy makers seem indifferent to the fact.

Hasan     : That’s is absolutely true. But can you tell me the causes of frequent road accident across the country?
Rafsan    : There are many causes responsible for this. Reckless driving, lack of traffic police, ignorance of the drivers, overtaking tendency, violating traffic signals and rules etc. contribute greatly to the frequent road accident.

Hasan      : You are absolutely right. The conditions of roads are also not good at many points. There are narrow, broken, and unmetalled roads. These are also contribute to many road accidents.
Rafsan     : Right! However, immediate steps should be taken to reduce road accidents. What do you think?

Hasan     : Yes, of course. Strict laws should be introduced in this regard. Illiterate and careless drivers should be identified and their driving license should be cancelled.

Rafsan    : So far, I could know from newspapers and other electronic media, most of the accidents take place for the reckless driving of the drivers, carelessness of the drivers to traffic rules, unfit vehicles and bad conditions of roads etc.

Hasan     : Can you please tell me how we can control and reduce the number of road accidents?

Rafasn    : Firstly, we should train up our drivers properly. Then unfit and unlicensed vehicles should be removed from the roads. Also, the drivers should be compelled to follow the traffic rules. Also, the conditions of our roads should be improved.

Hasn       : Yes, you are right. If we can take these measures, the number of road accidents, will no doubt, be reduced.

Rafsan    : Yes, I agree with you. Thank you very much.

Hasan     : You are welcome.

Rafsan    : Certainly! Besides, drivers should be given proper training and Roads and Highways Department should be more cautious in this regard.

Hasan     : Absolutely! People should also be made aware of traffic rules and signals. In this way we can minimize road accidents.
Rafsan     : You’re right! We all have to come forward to raise public awareness in this regard.

Hasan      : Exactly! Thank you very much for such a nice discussion.
Rafsan     : You are most welcome. See you again.