JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

Write a dialogue between you and your younger brother telling him the negative impact of bad company

Myself: Hello! Mamun, how are you?

Mamun: I am physically sound but mentally very upset.

Myself: Why? What happens?

Mamun: You know I have cut a very bad result in the examination.

Myself : Mamun! Everybody of our family is very shocked knowing your S.S.C results. You were although a brilliant  student.

Mamun : I’m very sorry. I’ll be very serious from now on wards.

Myself : Perhaps you know the reason of your degradation. Recently you have started mixing with bad boys and are not at all attentive to your study.

Mamun :Right you’re. I have now realized the consequence of keeping bad company. What can I so now?

Myself : I’m sure you know the proverb “A man is known by the company he keeps.”

Mamun : Yes. If a person mixes with bad people, s/he cannot be called a good person. So, good companion is a must to shape up one’s personality.

Myself : Since you have realized your fault, I’ll advise you to avoid bad company.

Mamun: I have already left up all my bad companions. I’m now very regular in my study. I believe I’ll be able to perform very well in my H.S.C. examination.

Myself : We hope so, May Allah bless you. I always worry about you, especially about your friends. Those with whom you mix are very bad.

Mamun: They have a lot of fun and travel around, so I mix with them.

Myself: The people you mix with are smokers, drug addicts, and eve-teasers. Is it right or wrong?

Mamun: Yes. You are right.

Myself: Evil company will destroy your character and your whole family. Always keep them away.

Mamun: Sorry. I was confused. I will not mix with them anymore.

Myself: Right decision. You should study attentively. Good luck.

Mamun: Thanks, brother for opening my eyes. I was misguided.

Myself: You’re welcome. Always take care of your health.