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Write A Letter Complaining about insufficient water supply

25 April, 2023

The Mayor

Dhaka Uttar City Corporation, Dhaka.

Subject: Complaint about insufficient/ poor water supply in your area/ locality .


I, on behalf of the inhabitants of Rakhal Para, Dhaka, have the honour to bring to your kind attention that people of the area/ locality are suffering greatly due to insufficient water supply. At present, water supplied by WASA is insufficient in the morning and evening. People do not work properly. During the summer season, people suffer  much for  insufficient water. The poor are leading  with great difficulty for want  of water in necessary times. Hotels are  failing to cook food due to the water crisis. So we need an immediate solution for this area/ locality.

I pray and hope that you would be kind enough to  take necessary steps so that WASA supplies us with enough water in our locality.

Yours Sincerely

Md. Atik Islam

on behalf of the inhabitants of Naddapara, Dhaka