Write a letter showing sympathy to your friend who is infected with COVID-19 and hospitalized

13/A Kazi Mothaher Hossain Road

05,November 2021

Dear Friend,

I have been informed by Rasel that being infected with COVID-19, you are now hospitalized in Dhaka. This information was just like a bolt from the blue to me. I did not expect it as I knew that you had always been careful and cautious about maintaining safe distance and wearing mask. Anyway, “Prevention is better than cure” does not always work. Sometimes, many unexpected things happen in our life and we must remain ready to face and fight them out. COVID-19 is now a pandemic; anybody may be infected with COVID-19 any time and anywhere. So there is nothing to be worried. Many COVID-19 patients are being dehospitalized everyday after full recovery. Have patience and follow your doctor’s advice. You are a conscious person and I am sure you will maintain your quarantine period properly. InshaAllah, you will come round soon. Don’t lose your mental strength. COVID-19 is yet to have any specific drug/ vaccine; so courage and mental strength play a vital role to cure a COVID-19 patient.

Wishing your earliest recovery.



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