Write a letter to you friend describing a trade fair you have visited

Write a letter to you friend describing a trade fair you have visited.

Komlapur, Faridpur

01 June, 2021

My dear Tonmoy,

Hope, you are all right by the grace of Allah. I received your long-waited letter yesterday. In your letter you wanted to know about the experience of my visiting a trade fair.. Now I am going to tell about it. You will be happy to know that last week I visited Dhaka International Trade Fair. Now I am write about it. The fair was held at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka. I went to the fair with my father. We entered the fair at 3 p.m. I was astonished to see its decoration. There were hundreds of stalls from home and abroad.  They displayed and sold their goods/products. There were many visitors from home and abroad.


As I entered the fair, I was amazed! There was the clear presence of grandeur and beauty everywhere. The entire fair was flooded with bright, dazzling and colorful lights. As I walked a few steps, I noticed rows of stalls all around and pavilions in the center, first I visited the pavilions, which were all tastefully decorated. The exhibits were related to heavy engineering, automobiles, garments, food processing, electronics, etc. I showed a keen interest in each of them I was delighted to see the products of the local companies. Works for arts, crafts, handicrafts, agriculture, industry etc. are placed in a trade fair. A trade fair plays a very important role in the field of making our homemade exportable goods to know to other countries. It displays the industrial goods to foreign buyers too. It also helps in earning foreign exchange. A country can be able to know about the other countries through trade fair. It encourages foreign countries to import goods from our country. It encourages foreign countries to import goods from our country. Therefore, it is necessary to hold a trade fair every year in our country.


No more today. With best regards to your parents.

Yours Ever