JSC Letter📖Class VIII

Write a letter to your friend describing a book fair you visited

Write a letter to your friend describing a book fair you visited.

House No:12/A; Road No: 2

Green Road, Dhaka

25 November, 2015

Dear friend Tushar,

How are you? I am well. In your last letter you wanted to know how I felt visiting the book fair last Friday. Well, now I am telling you. The book fair I visited was held on the occasion of 21st February. It is held in Bangla Academy premises on the occasion of 21st February. Book fairs are now held in every city and town too. A book fair may last for a week or even a month. Hundreds of publishers participate in it. Different types of books are sold here. Books of drama, fiction, story, noble etc. are sold here. The stalls are decorated beautifully. A large number of children, male and female customers gather in a book fair. A book fair becomes crowded specially in the evening. One can buy one’s choice able books in cheaper rate from the book fair, However, a book fair is a source of knowledge and pleasure. It broadens our mind. It is a part and parcel of our national life.

I visited most of the book stalls. I bought a book on “Our Liberation War” published by Kazal Brothers Ltd. However, I enjoyed the fair much.

No more today. Take care of yourself. With the best regard to your parents.

Your loving friend




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