Write a letter to your friend expressing your concern due to COVID-19, the condition of the place is really pathetic


05. November 2021

Dear Khairul

I am extremely shocked and concerned for you as your locality is badly affected by COVID-19. In fact, the pandemic is a silent killer. It has grasped the entire world. So far I guess you country is most severely affected. You know, our country is also affected. As no medicine has been discovered for cure as yet, prevention measures have no alternative as pronounced by World Health Organization. Friend, follow the set instructions of World Health Organization (WHO) and try to remain safe. Take advantage of vaccine as early as possible. Our country has already received vaccine and people have started taking it spontaneously. We are still dependent on the set instruction meant for prevention. Don’t worry, have courage and remain careful. Hope you will be able to overcome the pandemic soon.

Yours lovingly

Salma Aktar


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