Write a Letter to Your Friend Informing about Your Plan After Your SSC Exam

Write a Letter to Your Friend Informing about Your Plan After Your SSC Exam

25 March, 2024
Komlapur, Faridpur
Dear Mahbub,
Your letter is just to hand. From your letter I have come to know that you are much interested to know what I want to do after my final exam. You know that our SSC exam will end on 13 April. So, we are going to have a great chance to pass leisure time. During this period I have a noble plan. You know that most of the people of our country are illiterate. They even do not know how to read and how to write.
After the SSC exam I shall go to my village home. You know that many people of our villages are illiterate. So I have decided to start a course for adult literacy in my village. I shall use the primary school building as the center of the course. I shall ask the adult illiterate villagers to join the course. I hope they will respond to my call positively and make the course a success. During this course I shall come in contact with the villagers, know their problems and have the first knowledge of social work. So, I want to spend some time with villagers and observe their culture. I am also planning for farming. I want to experience everything related to the village life. And mostly, I am going to enjoy winter food as it will be winter after my exam.

This is all the plans till now. I will let you know if I add any other plan. And, also do not forget to write about your plan.

Lovingly yours,