Write a Letter to Your Friend Inviting Him to Spend the Summer Vacation

Write a Letter to Your Friend Inviting Him to Spend the Summer Vacation


Dear Sujon,

In my letter I promised that I would tell you how I had enjoyed my summer vacation in May 2023. Actually that was quite a thrilling experience for me. I still savour the memory when I have idle time. It seems to me that just yesterday I traveled to my uncle’s home located at the foothills of Rangamati.

I think that it is the most beautiful part of Bangladesh. It is such a place where the glossy water, the blue sky and the hilltops shrouded with green trees met in harmony. Rangamati is one of the most favorite holiday destination because of its wonderful landscape, scenic beauty of nature, blue watery lake, colorful lifestyle of indigenous groups (Chakma, Marma Tripura, Tanchangya etc.), homespun textile products, its flora and fauna, indigenous museum and heritage, celestial hanging . Its beauty infatuated me when my first day dawned there. Despite the sultry weather I enjoyed a lot. It is called the city of Lake as this place is located on the bank of the beautiful Kaptai Lake.

The rowing of the boat in a winding course on the hill-barricaded lake water, the excitement of catching fish, the plucking of fruits and flowers from the groves – all filled my heart with silent ecstasy. I wish I could spend my whole life there. No more today. Wishing you all the best.

Yours ever,