Write a Letter to your younger brother telling him how to do well in the exam

Komlapur, Faridpur
25 May, 2015
Dear Sharmin,
Take my well-being and warm regards. I hope that you are preparing well for the ensuing examination. In the previous letter, father asked me to give you some suggestions and tips on how to take serious preparation for the exams. Here I am giving you some tips for the standard preparation of the exams. One thing that you must remember is that doing well in the exams needs much confidence in you.
So, create self-confidence and study peacefully. Then everything will be very easy to you. You need to adopt the self-study approach. So far I know you are much well in English. As a student of humanities group, it is your great achievement undoubtedly. However, from now you should identify your weakness in other subjects. Read the text books carefully.
If you do not understand, consult your teacher. You can do so if you have any problems in other subjects. Read all the questions your teachers have suggested for the exams. Study for at least ten hours every day. I hope success will be yours and no mistake. I am coming in the next week. Then I will talk to you physically. No more today. May God bless you.
Your loving brother,