SSCSSC Paragraph

Write a paragraph on ‘A Bus Stand’

Paragraph A Bus Stand

A bus stand is a crowded place where buses stand and state from. The people gather there and wait impatiently for a bus to come. When a bus comes from a long distance the station becomes very busy. Passengers get into and get down from the buses. Shouts of the helpers and conductors are heard continuously. At some bus stands do not have sheds. The passengers have to wait in the burning sun or in the rain there. In some bus stands there are ticket counters. Passengers stand in a long line to buy tickets. There are small shops at a bus stand. In some bus stands there are book stalls and restaurants. The hawkers sell betel leaf, bread, cigarettes etc. Sometimes seasonal fruits are also sold in a bus stand. The scene often goes so far that it seems passengers are fighting with one another to get in or to get down first. Taking advantage of this pickpockets sometimes pick the pockets of the passengers. Moreover, shouts of coolies, conductors, bus-helpers make the place noisier. These are the usual sights of a bus stand during the busy hours of the day. Besides, hawkers are often found busy selling their goods like cigarettes, betel-leaves, newspaper, fruits etc. A bus stand usually remains dirty and  ignored. It, however, plays a key role in the communication sector of the country. So, the bus stand is the most important and essential place for the people at large. So Government should take proper steps for the improvement of a bus stand.