Write Letter to condolence to a friend on the death of his father

Komlapur, Faridpur

17 June 2023.

Dear friend Sohel,

Dear friend I am expressing my sincerely condolences on the passing of your father.  My parents are also sending their condolences through my letter. Me and my parents are in deep shock on the passing of your father. We are praying for his departed soul, to rest in peace.

We were not in touch from lots of years, after your fathers transfer. Yesterday one of our mutual friend told me that your father is passed away by corona. This time may be very difficult for you and your family. But don’t let your moral down we all are with you my dear. These dark days will also pass away.

Your father was such a gem of a person. He was really kind hearted. I remember one day when I lost my money, he gave me to pay the exam fees. In urgent situation he was helping all the needy people. That’s why all of us love him. You were fortunate to have such father. Nothing is enough to replace your loss.

My deepest condolences are with you, your mother and your younger brother. I will come to meet you soon as possible.

Yours truly,



My dear friend,

I felt really shocked after getting the news of your father’s sudden demise. I can understand from what you are going through now and how major the loss is for you. We feel more grief for sudden death of our loved ones. I am really sorry after listening this major loss. I am also feeling miserable that I could not be with you in that difficult time. Uncle was a great source of inspiration for us who taught us moral values and how important it is to be a good person. We will always miss uncle and his memories. Now see, everyone has to face the death of parents one day early or late. It is not in our hand. What we can do is pray for the rest of his soul in heaven and complete his unfulfilled wishes. It will make him happy too when he will see us to fulfill his wishes in his absence. His blessings will always be with you and he will be always be with you. You are stronger person and you will be overcome this difficult phase soon. Be strong in front your mother and siblings who need your support now.

Do not forget that I am here to support you whenever you need. Share your feelings with me and what you want to do for the memory of your father. Take care.

Your loving friend,