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DU Question/ ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় “ঘ” ইউনিট :Session-2018-2019


 ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় “ঘ” ইউনিট :Session-2018-2019

                                                                         ইংরেজি (English)

Select the correct word to complete the sentences (question 1-5):

  1. We have to deal ——– our problems.

(a) with                        (b) after                       (c) on               (d) by

  1. The solution of the problem dawned ——- me.

(a) on               (b) in                (c) is                (d) are

  1. A philosopher ponders ——- the meaning of life.

(a) in                (b) on               (c) on               (d) by

  1. “Tertiary education’ refers to ——— education.

(a) School level            (b) Madrasa level         (c) College level (d) University level

  1. Conflict may be described as:

(a) Harmony    (b) Homogenous          (c) Disagreement          (d) Homologous

Read the following passage and answer (question 6-10)

Even a few years ago very few people had heard of the word Internet. Now it would be difficult to find anyone who has not heard of it. Many of us use it on a regular basis, and most of us have access to it at our homes too. The ‘net’ in the Internet stands for network. A network is two or more computers connected together so that information can be shared or sent from one to the other. The Internet is a vast resource for all types of information. You may enjoy using it to do research, download your favourite song or communicate with family and friends. It is like a giant bulletin board for the whole world to see. Since anyone can put anything on the Internet, one must be very careful and use both judgment and common sense while accessing and using Internet sources.
  1. Today very few people can be found who have not heard of ————-.

(a) the internet                      (b) the network                     (c) computer         (d) the laptop

  1. What does ‘net’ in the Internet stand for?

(a) Network                           (b) Finishing nets  (c) Speed               (d) Capacity

  1. What is the Internet a source of ————?

(a) information                    (b) statistic                            (c) art                     (d) culture

  1. What are the main purposes of using the Internet?

(a) Research, entertainment and communication        (b) only entertainment

(c) Only research                                                  (d) Only communication

  1. What is the meaning of the word ‘accesses?

(a) excess                              (b) enter                 (c) boot                  (d) communicate

  1. “Over and out” —– what does the phrase mean?

(a) End of message             (b) End of story                    (c) End of poetry (d) End of passage

  1. An Ophthalmologist is a doctor of the ———.

(a) bones                               (b) nerves                              (c) eyes                  (d) nose and throat

  1. ‘Very Primeval’ means ———.

(a) very ancient                    (b) Peak time                        (c) Most important              (d) Main example

  1. Marrying ——— daughters at an early age is a standard practice in many rural facilities in Bangladesh.

(a) with                                  (b) off                                    (c) of                      (d) to

  1. I will stay with you ——– there is a room free.

(a) as much as                      (b) as many as                     (c) as long as         (d) as important as

  1. Everyone has the right to ———- access to public service in his country.

(a) unequal                           (b) equal                                (c) stop                   (d)limited

  1. ——– this is a serious issue that deserves further study.

(a) Rarely                              (b) Clearly                             (c) Usually             (d) Promptly

  1. In the essay the student has ———– about a road trip.

(a) written                              (b) memorized                      (c) complained     (d) posted

  1. Choose the correct sentence.

(a) I am committed to pursuing a career management

(b) I am committed in pursuing a career in management

(c) I am committed for pursuing a career in management

(d) I am committed against pursuing a career in management

  1. The word ‘tormentor’ is ———.

(a) a noun             (b) an adjective                    (c) a verb               (d) an adverb

  1. Which of the following words is correctly spelt?

(a) Madona          (b) Malicous                         (c) Mistic               (d) Mattress

  1. The opposite of accident is ———-.

(a) intentional       (b) occupational                  (c) sensational      (d) chaotic

  1. Choose the “odd word” from the word list.

(a) Cyclone           (b) Earthquake                     (c) Diverge             (d) Tsunami

  1. The synonym of false is ———-.

(a) wrong               (b) right                  (c) bad                   (d) good

  1. What is the meaning of the idiom “pins and needles?”

(a) uncomfortable feeling in a part of the body            (b) part of a tailor’s sewing kit

(c) uncomfortable wearing new shoes                             (d) part of a electrician’s tool kit