JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

17.Write a dialogue between you and the receptionist/manager in a hotel.


There is a a dialogue between you and the receptionist/manager in a hotel.

Myself: Good morning.

Receptionist: Good morning, Sir. How can I help you?

Myself: I am new in this town. I have just got down from the train. Someone in the train told me about your hotel.

Receptionist: No problem, Sir. I believe you will find with us a home away from home. Do you need to stay?

Myself: Yes, I need a single bedroom. What facilities do you provide?

Receptionist: All kinds of modern facilities. The rooms are cosy and comfortable. They have attached bathrooms with all modern facilities.

Myself: I see. Please book a room for me.

Receptionist: How long would you like to stay?

Myself: I have to stay three nights.

Receptionist: Okay, Sir. Which floor do you prefer?

Myself: I would prefer first floor.

Receptionist: Then, I think Room No. 210 will be quite alright for you. Here is the register. Please put in your particulars and your signature as well.

Myself: Okay. How much should I pay now?

Receptionist: You should pay Tk. 1200 only for three nights.

Myself: Thank you. Here is the money.

Receptionist: You are most welcome. Here is the key, Sir.


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