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A Dialogue Between Two Friends About Tree Plantation


There is a Dialogue Between Two Friends About Tree Plantation

Sumon : Hello hasib. How are you?

Riad     : Fine and what about you?

Sumon : I am also fine. Where did you go yesterday? I looked for you.

Riad     : I went to the Tree Fair to buy some saplings. Tree Fair has been going on for last five days.

It will continue for more two days.

Sumon : Who has organized this Tree Fair?

Riad     : The Department of Agriculture and Forestry organizes this Tree Fair every year in all towns

and cities on the occasion of Tree Plantation Week.

Sumon : Why do they organise this Tree Fair?

Riad     : It appears strange to me that you are not yet fully aware of the importance of tree plantation.

Sumon : Right you are. Please tell me about the importance of tree plantation. I want to know about it

in detail.

Riad     : Trees are our best friends. Trees give us shade and shelter. We cannot think of our existence

without trees. They are a great source of our food, vitamins, and furniture. Trees give us

oxygen and take carbon dioxide that we always leave.

Sumon : Great. Are there any benefits to planting trees?

Riad     : Of course. These are natural air filters and sound protection. Also, trees keep our ecological

balance, protect river erosion, provide shelter to our beasts and birds.

Sumon : When is the best time to plant trees?

Riad     : June and July are the best time for planting trees.

Sumon : Really, Trees are very useful for us.

Riad     : Of course. But some people are cutting down trees at random?

Sumon : What might be its consequence?

Riad     : Cutting down trees and other vegetation can cause climate change, desertification, soil

erosion, low yields, floods, an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and many

problems for indigenous peoples.

Sumon : I see, Trees offer many environmental benefits.

Riad     : Yes, you’re right. We should always plant trees to protect our environment.

Sumon : But we notice that many unscrupulous people are cutting down trees at random still?

Riad     : If they cut down trees indiscriminately, the country will one day turn into a desert. The

temperature will rise and it will cause green house effect.

Sumon : I think this would not be harmful if people planted more trees after cutting trees. But they

seem to be very indifferent to planting trees.

Riad     : You are right. To save life and maintain the ecological balance of the environment, there is

no alternative to tree plantation.

Sumon : Now I understand why tree plantation is so important. I think people of all walks of life

should come forward to make tree plantation programme a success.

Riad     : Absolutely, let us make aware of our friends and motivate them to plant trees more and more     to make our country a land of greenery.

Sumon : Therefore, we have no alternative but to save the environment through more and more tree

plantation campaigns.

Riad     : That is, you want to say that the necessity of tree plantation is needless to mention anymore,do you?

Sumon : Yes.

Riad     : Thank you very much. Bye.

Sumon : You are welcome too.

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