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An Application for repairing the damaged road


Suppose, you are an inhabitant of the village Komlapur in Faridpur sadar Union in the district of Gazipur. The road of your village have been damaged during the recent flood. The villagers face difficulties to go from one place to another. Vehicles cannot ply among the roads. Now, write an application to the Chairman of your Union Parishad to repair the damaged roads immediately.

March 27, 2023


The Chairman

Faridpur Sadar Upozila Parishad, Faridpur

Sub: Prayer for repairing the damaged road. 

Dear Sir,

I, on behalf of the inhabitants of the village Komlapur, want to draw your kind consideration to the fact that all the roads of our village have been damaged due to recent from of February, 2023. Rickshaw, van etc. vehicles can not move properly from one pace to another with loads, children, woman and old people. We are badly in need of repairing these roads. Time is wasted and

I, therefore, pray and hope that you would kind enough to take necessary steps to repair all the damages roads.

Yours obediently.

Sakib Rahman

On behalf of the people of Komlapur village

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