SSCSSC Application

Application for Permission to Factory or Industrial Visit


The Headmaster

Faridpur Zilla School


Sub: Permission to visit a production Factory or Industry

Respected Sir,

It is kindly requested to you for an arrangement of an tour for an IT industry, I am writing this letter on behalf of the students to visit the field in any IT industry. This would have us to enhance our knowledge and it will help in our future because there would be visitors, including faculty members. Being students of science department, this visit would help us in a better understanding of various concepts.

We hope your response would be in favor of this request. Kindly grant us permission for the industrial visit and make the necessary arrangements for the same.


Thanking you

your’s faithfully



Another Format,


The HR manage

Karim Spining Mills & Factories

Dhamrai, Dhaka

Sub: Request for Permission to Visit Your Factory

Respected (Sir/Madam),

I wrote this letter to request you for permission to visit your factory along with the students of  Faridpur Zilla School’ s of class IX. Along with education, extracurricular activities and field trips are also necessary for the growth of a student’s mental capability.

This year at the request of many students we decided to select your factory as the venue of the field trip. The students are really excited. In this regard, I sent this letter. We are expecting nearly 100 students on the field trip and the conveyance will also be provided by the Institute. I request you to please give us permission. If you agree on this then I will send you another detailed letter which will contain the number of students coming along with the days in which the trip can be set then you can confirm and tell us the final plan.

I, therefore, pray and hope that you would kindly grant us permission to make a visit at your factory to enhance our practical knowledge.

You’s obediently


On behalf of the students of Faridpur Zilla School