JSC Application📖Class VIII

Application for repairing a tube well in your school campus

August 14, 2021

The Headmaster

Faridpur Zilla School


Subject: For repairing the tube-well in our school campus.


With due respect we, the students of class VIII in your school would like to inform you that the tube-well in our school campus has been damaged or gone out of control. As a result, all the students of our school have to collect water from the nearby hotels. Which is very dirty and unhealthy. We have spoiled our valuable time in collecting water from various unhealthy sources. Many students become sick drinking dirty water.

We therefore pray and hope that your honour would be kind enough to take necessary steps to repaire the damaged tub-wells of our school and oblige thereby.

Yours obediently,

The students of class VIII

Faridpur Zilla School