HSCHSC Composition


We live in an age of science. Science is inventing wonder after wonder-magic after magic like ‘ALADNIS’ magic lamp. It has made impossible possible. We feel the impact of science almost in every walk of our life. The computer is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern science. The computer has come forward to work as a substitute for a human brain.

The computer is the fairly recent invention of modern science. It has brought about a revolutionary change in the history of human civilization. Of course, it was not invented overnight. It took to invent the computer. The computer was invented by an English mathematician called ‘Charles Babbage’. He invented two types of the computer called analytical engine and differential engine in 1830. But these two computers were not perfect. Later, Professor Howard akin to Harvard University invented the modern computer in 1944.

Computers have five major components: 1) input unit, 2) output unit, 3) memory unit, 4) control unit, 5) arithmetic unit. They mainly perform the functions of addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and comparison. There are three processes of the functioning of a computer. A) Receiving data, b) computing data and c) emitting data. Electronically computers are of two basic types: analog and digital. Analog computers deal with physical qualities and digital computers deal with numbers. Every computer has a language of its own which is called a programming language. Machine language is not fixed. It varies from machine to machine.

The computer works wonderfully and effectively. The fastest computers can handle millions of problems in a few seconds. It can solve complex mathematical problems quickly and accurately. It can also perform many operations at one and the same time without any confusion. Many are the uses of the computer in our life.

The computer is the most important media of education in developed countries. The students in developed countries use a computer to prepare their study materials. They learn many a thing within the shortest possible time. The results of various examinations are prepared accurately with the help of computer within the shorts span of time. The results of various examinations are prepared accurately with the help of computer within the shortest span of time.

The computer has opened a new era in the field of medical science. Nowadays it is used to diagnose diseases. Many critical operations are done successfully with the help of a computer. It is used to grind stones normal pathological tests.

A farmer sitting in his house can complete the whole process of cultivation starting from the sloughing of the land to the thrashing of corn. What is he to do? He is simply to put on the switch.

Nowadays trade, business, and commerce cannot be thought of without a computer. It works wonderfully in this respect. It is used in preparing documents, making a list of storing up information and preparing budget etc. The value of currency and price of any share can be known instantly by computer.

Today printing cannot be thought of without a computer. It is an indispensable part of printing. A book which needed more than two months to get composed and published by a letterpress now need not more than two days by computer within a very short time.

The computer has made its way to enter into the industrial sectors too. It is used in developed countries to run mills, factories, and industries. Trains and planes are also run by computer.

A modern banking system could be impossible without a computer. The computer keeps accounts, processes bank checks, carry out fund transfers and other operations. It also checks income tax returns.

The computer is also used in the translation sector. It has been used in Soviet Russia in translating the news of the Soviet newspaper the ‘Pravda’ since 1990. It has thus paved the way to enrich the storehouse of knowledge by translating from one language to another.

The computer has also created a source of income. Many developed and advanced countries have got engaged in the computer business. They earn a lot of foreign currency by exporting software and hardware.

Computer has brought new speed and accuracy to weather forecasting. Space exploration would be impossible without a computer. It can play chess or even compose music. This why many people call it is an “electronic brain”.

The computer has become very much popular in Bangladesh. It has already occupied an important place in the mind of the people. Our young generation is very much conscious of computer education. They are receiving training in computer learning with great enthusiasm. To need their increasing demand for computer learning, many training centers have been set up. It is now being used in many important offices for various works. It is also being used in the banking sector, printing sector, industrial sector, the agricultural sector and the like. The computer as a subject has been introduced to our schools and college. Thus Bangladesh has progressed much in many-sided words of life and living. The day is not far to come when we shall use a computer in every sphere of our life. It is expected that the use of the computer will go a long way to solve many of our hitherto unsolved problems. Our governments already had taken the decision to set up digital campus all over the country with a slogan ‘be science-devoted and march forward’. We hope that Bangladesh will be able to step into a new era called ‘digital Bangladesh’.

There is nothing on earth which is an unmixed blessing. The computer is not also free from dark sides. It causes separative diseases and weakens the eye-sight of the operators. The most dreadful effect of using a computer is the creation of unemployment problem. It is just like stabbing in the throat of a dying patient and putting him to death. Still then, the computer is the dire necessity of the day.

The computer is really a great blessing for making. We cannot think of our life today with the existence of a computer. ,