Descriptive Of A River Side House


Descriptive Of A River Side House

Riverside houses are a naturally beautiful spot. There is a soothing sound of flow of river water in these areas, which helps the mind to focus and stay calm. A cool temperature and an amazing aroma follows the corridors of the house, which relaxes the body and freshen the mind.

There are mud bricks, thatch, or tin sheets. The house serves as a basic shelter for struggling families. The house is generally small and lacks the space and comfort found in more prosperous households. But people could hear the peaceful sounds of the water. There were trees and flowers all around, making the place even more magical. Birds chirped happily, adding to the lovely atmosphere. Children loved to play near the river, skipping stones and laughing. Families worked in many professions. People enjoy the nature around them. In the evenings, the sunset painted the sky with vibrant colors. It reflects on the water. It was a special place where people found joy and peace. The Riverside House was a true treasure, bringing smiles to everyone who visited.”

On the other hand, there are some demerits too. During the monsoon season, the river might overflow. It causes flooding and damage to property. Additionally, constant exposure to water can lead to erosion and instability of the land around the house.

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