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Dialogue About the Bad Effects of Copying in The Exam

Dialogue Between Myself and My Friend About the Bad Effects of Copying in The Exam

Answer: A dialogue between me and my friend about the bad effects of copying in the exam.

Me: Hello Suresh Good afternoon

My friend: Hi Mahesh good afternoon how is your preparatory leaves going on?

Me: It is going well; I have done 2 subjects till now only revision will be left at the time of exam.

My friend:Ohh that is nice I am also done with 3 subjects, but my major tension is maths paper.

Me:Yes me too having same tension. You know what some students are enjoying the preparatory leaves like vacation even they do not have any kind of seriousness about the exams.

My friend:Ohh is really that so?

Me: Yes so that students depends of copy in exams.

My friend:I accept these students will get passed in exams easily but what about their future?

Me:Yes there are many side effects of or we can say bad effects of copying in the exam.

My friend: I mean how they can get job in any industry or even they do not have any knowledge so?

Me:Yes that are called as bad effects of copying in the exam.

My friend: Actually, they do not have even fear of catch by supervisor. I can not even turn back during the exams how can someone copy?

Me:Yes yar same they should have fear of rustication. So that these copying in exams will get stopped or at least reduced.

My friend: Yes we study so hard and only because they copy so they get chance to take admission in top colleges. I do not like this I think supervision should be more strict.

Me:Yes but this copying in the exams should be prohibited.

My friend: I think these students will not get affected even if they get punished by teachers or any supervisor.

Me:Yes there should be some strict action against that activity so exams should be in simplified manner.

My friend: Along with this students all other students also face some bad effects in exam.

Me: Ok this matter it will never end. Let we study better for our bright future.

My friend:Yes all the best for exams.